Celebrate Carl Sagan Day

His birthday (zeroth day) is Nov. 9, but we, Eric and Sue Lee, will celebrate him on Saturday (his first day) on Nov. 10th at our residence in St. David. Carl was easy to please.

There is, also on the 10th in St. David, a Festival of the Arts featuring about 160 artists, so a drive from Tucson or wherever and making the day of it would likely make the drive worth it—stopping by for a little Sagan on your way home. Also, same day, St. David's Gallery of Dreams art gallery is having an event, so stop there too.

You are most rationally invited to attend our Carl Sagan Celebration Day. Pre-festivities include a look-see of what we've been doing with our front yard/petting zoo, and 4PM or so would be a good time for that. For those interested in potluck, show up and be ready to eat at 5PM. Those too full to eat can sit around the koi pond and watch the guineas, chickens, and whatnot. The main course will be an episode of Sagan's Cosmos series at 6PM. Other activities mentioned on Eric's webpage about Sagan are optional.

Please RSVP Sue (meralee@alysion.org).