User Hints, Tips, and Suggestions

Suggestion 01

This might help someone learn the four circular shapes used for the 4 vowel sounds IH AH EH and UH.

Using your index finger of your writing hand, trace in the air small circles (clockwise) and large circles (also clockwise). When making a small circle say out loud "in" (IHN) once each loop. When making a large circle say out loud "on" (AHN).

Similarly for the counterclockwise motions: Trace a small circle counterclockwise and say "CEN-ter" (SEHN-TR). Trace a large circle (counter-clockwise), say outloud "SUN" (SUHN).

Gradually change saying "In" to IH and "On" to AH. Likewise, change saying "Center" to EH and Sun to UH

-- Doug Edmunds


Suggestion 02

Writing Handywrite on Graph Paper

With Handywrite, the hardest skill to learn is reading it quickly. One tool you can use to help you learn faster is to write on graph paper.

When trying to read your own writing, you might find yourself wondering things like “Is that an R or an L?” because so many of the consonants are the same symbol, just different lengths. One solution is to exaggerate the lengths, but that can waste space and still might not be clear enough. An easier way to fix this is by using a grid.

When writing a long symbol (such as M) you make it two squares long and/or tall (depending on the letter, of course). When writing a short symbol (such as N) you only make it one square long/tall. Your letters don’t need to match up exactly to the lines of the grid, because even if the letter starts and ends in the middle of squares, you can still easily tell how many squares it is.

By using this system you give yourself a constant size reference, which means all your letters will be proportional to one another, even if they’re on totally different sheets of paper. This way you’ll rarely (if ever) find yourself wondering “Is that letter long or short?” Here’s a sample of some writing:

This makes it easier to recognize your letters, and thusly you will spend much less time trying to distinguish between similar symbols. The less time you spend on that, the more time you have to study Handywrite, and the time you put into the studying will be more rewarding. So you’ll learn faster and become less frustrated. Who wouldn’t want that?