Hang'm or Save'm


Is there someone you would like to hang in effigy or save from a lynch mob? Now you can by playing these hangman-type games. In Hang'm you try to guess the hidden word in order to hang someone. In Save'm, like traditional Hangman, you try to guess the word or phrase to prevent someone from being hung. Along the way learn why the potential victims are so admired or despised.



Jerry Falwell Fundamentalist Christian, leader of Moral Majority.
Osama bin Laden Fundamentalist Muslim, leader of Al-Quida.
John Edwards Alledged psychic who performs cold readings on TV's "Crossing Over."
The Pet Psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick taking psychic woo-woo to a new low.
Rush Limbaugh Opinionated talk radio host.



Rush Limbaugh Opinionated talk radio host.
Richard Dawkins British scientist and sckeptic.
Mark Twain American humorist, skeptic, and wit.
Voltaire French leader of the European Enlightenment.
Buddha Siddhartha Gautama, (568-488 BC), AKA the "Enlightened One"
H. L. Mencken American hypercritic and heretic.
Sa-Go-Ye-Wat-Ha Seneca chief, Great Orator of the Six Nations.
Ryan Just some kid with an attitude.


If you would like to hang or save someone not listed above, you can join in the fun by clicking here to find out how you can add them to the list.