Some of Our Cages


Boys' Cage

The boys' cage has the tube to the rat garden. Junior is up and to the right. Noodle is on the rope below him. The front doors are acrylic and slide up. There is also a side door.










Girls' Cage

The girls' cage has the rattie swimming pool on top where they bob for peas and sometimes even wrestle. The boys get to use the pool too when the girls are safe inside. Becky is by the wheel above Mandy. In this cage the acrylic front doesn't open (unless the top is removed), but there are five wire doors. The two main cages are our wide-screen RAT-TVs.










Rat Buckets

The rat buckets shown are thin plastic ones, easy to cut holes in, that florist shops use (and often throw away). They are hung on the sides and the bottoms have litter to sleep on. Mandy is coming out of one.


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