What would you do if an Alien landed in the playground ?
Would you stand there, shouting 'Teacher, teacher,
Please Sir, please Miss,
There's this great big green thing with wobbly eyes and six pink legs just standing there!'

Or would you stare a bit,
Maybe poke at it with a stick
Or throw a ball at its mouth,
Or push Shorty and Fatso forwards
To see if they got eaten ?

Imagine if the teacher came out and shouted,
'Oy! You there ! You with the six pink legs! Yes, YOU!
Get back where you came from NOW!

What do you think it would do ?

Would it sit there humming gently,
Before lifting off and floating back into space ?

Or would it stick out a long tongue,
Wrap it around teacher,
And suck teacher back into its mouth ?

'Yum yum yum!' it might go,
And you'd all be laughing and cheering
And maybe one or two of the girls would be crying,
(Because teacher was quite nice, after all).

Maybe the Alien would open wide a wobbly eye,
Shoot out a long, lazy glare,
And raise two tendrils in a V-shape
Before blowing a big raspberry.

Well, what would YOU do if you were an Alien,
Landing in the playground ?

I know what I would do.

I wouldn't stay THERE !