The little hedgehog liked to play
In roads upon a summer's day,
Which wasn't really all that wise
And sadly helped in its demise.

For being just a little young
It didn't know a rule of thumb,
That what seems small a long way off
On closer sight is big and tough.

So when a lorry curved the bend
Flashing its ten headlights no end,
The hedgehog, looking up with glee,
Shrieked, 'That thing's saying 'Hello!' to me!'

And feeling proud it took a turn -
There wasn't really time to learn -
Across the tarmac stretching wide
When it should have stayed close by the side.

'I'm here!' it screeched, 'I like your style!'
And with a yell it beamed a smile,
'Let's get together, you and me,
I feel we have a destiny!'

The lorry roared, it changed a gear,
The hedgehog felt a stab of fear,
But being young it held its head
And stood up straight and tall instead.

'Hurray, hurray!' it yelled and cheered,
The watching magpies coughed and jeered,
'You're big! You're great! It's worth the wait!' -
But by this time it was too late.

With thirty wheels on either side
And forty tons out on a ride
The lorry hardly made a bump
In squashing out that hedgehog chump.

And as each wheel rolled Hedgehog thinner
The magpies said goodbye to dinner
And flew away to wipe their eyes
On buttercups - with heart-felt sighs.