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Here is an alphabetical listing of the figures in the collection followed by the source for each figure (see Bibliography).

Apache Door —Jayne, Ball, Leeming
Arrow, An —Jayne
Bagobo Diamonds —Jayne, Leeming
Batoka Gorge —Ball
Big Star —Jayne
Bone, TheRyan
Bow, A —Jayne
Breastbone and Ribs —Jayne
Butterfly —Jayne
Caribou —Jayne, Leeming
Carrying Wood —Jayne, Leeming
Casting a Spear —Ball, Leeming
Cat's Cradle —Jayne
Cat's Head —Daniel Vera, Finland
Cheating the Hangman —Jayne, Leeming
Cow's Head —Jayne, but name from Elffers & Schuyt
Crow's Feet —Ball
Cup and Saucer —Elffers & Schuyt
Dancing Headless Pig —Ball
Darkness —Elffers & Schuyt
Dressing a Pelt —Jayne, Leeming
Eiffel Tower —Elffers & Schuyt
Elephant's NoseLaurel Sharp
Fence Around Well —Jayne
Fighting Headhunters —Jayne, Leeming
Fishing Spear —Ball, Leeming
Fly or Mosquito —Ball
Framework for a Hut —Ball
Frog, The —Elffers & Schuyt
Hand Catch —?
Handcuffs —Lee
Jacob's Ladder —Jayne, Leeming
King's Throne —Maude and Maude
Lightning —Jayne
Little Finger —Jenness (Jayne's Mouth)
Little Fishes —Jayne
Lizard, A —Jayne
Lizard Twist —Jayne or Ball
Man Climbing a Tree —Ball, Leeming
Man on a Bed —Jayne
Many Stars —Jayne
Mosquito or Fly —Ball
Moth, The —Ball
Mouse, The —Jayne
Mouth, The —Maude and Maude
Mystery Animal —Jayne, Leeming
Osage Diamonds —Jayne, Leeming
Outrigger Canoe —Ball
Owl, An —Jayne
Owl, Another —Jayne
Palm Tree, A —Jayne
Parachute —?
Pole Star —Elffers & Schuyt
Porker, The —Ball
Rabbit, A —Jayne
Rain —Maude
Sardines —Elffers & Schuyt or Gryski (1987)
Sawing Wood —Jayne
Sea Snake —Jayne
Setting Sun —Jayne, Leeming
Seven Stars —Jayne
Siberian House —Elffers & Schuyt
Siberian Hut —Ball, Leeming
Six Diamonds —Lee
Smile, TheBrian Cox
Snake, A —Jayne
The Star —New
StethoscopeLaurel Sharp
Storm Clouds —Jayne
String Trick —?
Sunrise —Jayne
Super Apache Door —Elffers & Schuyt?
Super Lightning —?
Super Palm Tree —Lee
Three Sunfish —Jayne (King Fish), Leeming (Sea-Cow)
Thumb Catch —Elffers & Schuyt (or Jayne)
Twin Stars —Jayne
Two Coyotes —Jayne
Two Diamonds —Jane
Well, A —Jayne
Wink, The —Elffers & Schuyt or Gryski (1984)
Wink'n Blink —Lee
Winking StarRyan
Witch's Broom —?
Witch's Hat —?
Worm —Jayne


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