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"Is it a great poverty to decide that a child must die so that you can live as you wish"
—Mother Teresa

"...after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. This is fearlessness, and it is love."
—Siddhartha Gautama

About Us

The True Right to Life Movement was founded in 1980 following a student letter to the editor of a university newspaper stating the view that life begins with gametogenesis and outlining the implications that logically follow. The letter was written in response to a series of preceding letters promoting the pro-life view, which stressed the often cited but erroneous claim that science only supports the belief that human life begins with fertilization.

The letter was signed, "R. E. Jones, Founder of the Gametic Right to Life Movement." For the next three weeks the student newspaper was inundated with responses which daily filled the Letters to the Editor column. Initially responses were negative, but supporters soon emerged, and a lively debate followed. Lesson plans were put on hold by several professors to devote class time to discuss the issues raised. Supporters began meeting weekly, and eventually a biannual newsletter was begun so members could keep in touch after graduation and also to connect with interested students in other universities who had heard of the movement by word of mouth. Little did the author know at the time of writing that initial letter that a true right to life movement would soon be founded following his initial overstatement.

Most members to date have been more contemplative than activist by disposition, and have been content to explore the necessary changes in human moral values and behavior that our new understanding requires. They have done so by implementing the necessary changes in their own lives. Accordingly, we have not been zealots for our cause, and are indeed guilty of underpromoting our views.

Our experiment in moral living, however, has reached a point where certain definitive conclusions can be made, and by putting up this web site we are thereby publishing our results. In spite of some dissention in the early years, we are now of one mind and one cause. We know, as one knows that ice water is cold, that we have discovered a true moral principle, one that sooner or later all must adopt to further the moral advancement of the human race. We must continue to move up from savagery by adopting ever more civilized and civilizing values as new moral truths are discovered. That human gametes are alive, are purposeful beings with a right to life, is one such truth.

By living up to that truth we have found our lives approaching the sublime, and that, even more than the dictates of reason, convinces us we have found the right path. We want all to know our joy, and urge you, the reader, to approach the truth first by reason, by examining the evidence and arguments, then to implement the necessary changes in your own life so that you may know bliss.

Humanity has been burdened too long by the unconscious guilt that arises from the profligate wasting of their gametes. Until the slaughter of innocent gametes ceases, our collective guilt will never be assuaged. When we know that all of our gametic offspring are being given every chance to fulfill their quest to become human, then we will know true liberation from the oppressive weight of our shameful history of sexual dissipation. So for your sake, for humanity's sake, and for the sake of your unborn gametes, we urge you to accept your moral responsibilities, to live up to the truth, so that you may know fearlessness, and you too may know love.

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