WWW Collection of Favorite String Figures

Main Collection

Introduction to Easy Figures gets you started. Here you'll learn: Position 1, Opening A, A Hand Catch, Cup and Saucer, The Star, Fishing Spear, Dressing a Pelt, The Moth, The Mouth, Man Climbing a Tree, Sawing Wood, Framework for a Hut, The Mouse, A Thumb Catch, Batoka Gorge, Casting a Spear

More Easy Figures: A Bow, Lightning, Super Lightning, Butterfly, Siberian Hut, Siberian House, The Wink, Wink'n Blink, Crow's Feet, Fighting Headhunters, Man on a Bed, Pole Star, Darkness, Lizard Twist, Mosquito or Fly, A String Trick

Fairly Easy Figures: Twin Stars, Osage Diamonds (Jacob's Ladder), Six Diamonds, Bagobo Diamonds, Two Diamonds, King's Throne, Sunrise, A Well, Fence Around Well, A Worm, Breastbone and Ribs, Palm Tree, Super Palm Tree

Kind of Easy Figures: Apache Door, Super Apache Door, Cheating the Hangman, Little Finger, A Rabbit, Carrying Wood, Many Stars, An Owl, Another Owl, Big Star, Seven Stars, Cow's Head, Cat's Head, An Arrow

Sort of Easy Figures: Setting Sun, Sea Snake, Mystery Animal, A Lizard, Two Coyotes, Rain, Sardines

String Figures for Two: Cat's Cradle

World's Easiest String Figure

Challenging Figures: Little Fishes, The Porker (AKA The Dancing Headless Pig), The Frog, Three Sunfish, Storm Clouds



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